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Kelly Cate » Welcome to my classes!

Welcome to my classes!

Hello and welcome back!  This year, I will be teaching Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Senior College Prep, Junior College Prep, and IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry).  I am excited about the upcoming year and look forward to seeing everyone! 
Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!
REMOTE:  Biology (Began 8-28) and IPC (Began 9-11): Edgenuity is the online program remote students will use to complete their required coursework and to receive attendance credit.  Go to  to log in as a student, with your student school EMAIL and Google pass-code (same one used on your laptop).  Click on the class name (Biology or IPC), not the 'next activity' tab. Clicking on the class name (Biology or IPC) will take you to the class schedule and due dates.  Stay on track with your target dates- they are listed on your course map.  You must work in your class (Biology or IPC, or both) to receive attendance credit for the day.  You must log into the specific course for attendance.  Simply logging onto Edgenuity or another class will not count as being present. Late work will be calculated as zeros for progress and report card grade calculations.   Note: the actual grade in Edgenuity is the accurate grade, as it averages in late work.  The overall grade only calculates completed work. Late work will be averaged as zeros for report card and progress reports, so please monitor your actual grade on Edgenuity.  Grades will also post on the parent portal for progress reports and report cards. 
Current Google Classroom Class Codes:
20/21 Remote Biology, Class code: pluakv3
20/21 Remote IPC, Class code: kdaghcs

20/21 Biology

Class code



20/21 AP

Class code



20/21 IPC

Class code



20/21 Senior College Prep

Class code



20/21 Junior College Prep

Class code





Science Benchmark Assessment for Freshmen (Remote and In-person) on October 1. PLEASE READ

Thursday Science Test for Freshmen (Remote and In-person)
How to access your BOY assessments?
Read all the instructions before starting step 1

Step 1: Log-in to the Schoolnet website at
from your teachers google classroom page. If it’s a math test sign into your math teachers page, if reading, log on to your reading teachers page, etc…
Step 2: Choose Frost ISD from the drop down menu and enter the username and password provided at the top of this page to access your test. (Remote: your username and password will be emailed to you so check your email)
Step 3: Enter the test passcode provided by your teacher and click Go.
If you need help logging in raise your hand and wait for teacher.
You may use paper and pencil to take notes or math calculations. Dictionary will be needed for reading and Eng I

Take your time and do your best!
· Once you submit your test, you will immediately see your test results.

After completing your test:
· Record score/information in the above chart
· Log off and shut down computer
· Turn this paper in once you have entered all of the required information
· Read or sit quietly until teacher gives further instructions



REMOTE IPC and Biology: Tomorrow (9-15) will be the last question of the day for IPC and Biology. REMOTE students will log into AND WORK in Edgenuity daily for attendance. If remote students do not log into their specific class in Edgenuity each day, they will be counted absent for the days they do not log in and work in that class. Please answer today's question of the day and tomorrow's (9-15), then I will take attendance on Edgenuity. Please email with any questions. You must complete your assignments by the due dates on your course map to stay on track. Thank you!


20/21 Remote Biology

Class code: pluakv3


20/21 Remote IPC

Class code: kdaghcs


Remote Learners: Edgenuity

Biology (Began 8-28) and IPC (Beginning 9-11): Edgenuity is the online program you will use to complete your coursework (along with your daily question from Google Classroom).  You must complete everything that is assigned before September 25 (end of the 6 weeks).  The current open portion of the course is what you are to complete by the end of the 6 weeks.  The next 6 weeks will open more units of study.  Go to  to log in as a student, with your school ID and Google pass-code (same one you use on your laptop).  You need to click on the class name (Biology or IPC), not the 'next activity' tab. Clicking on the class name will take you to your schedule and you can see due dates.  You will need to stay on track with your target dates.  You may begin on the start date listed above and work at your pace as long as you meet your target dates.  You still need to submit your daily question on Google Classroom for attendance and read the stream daily for updates.  You are still required to complete any previous assignments (prior to your Edgenuity start date) that are due on Google Classroom or they will be zeros.  Please email or call with questions.  Thank you!

PLEASE READ Regarding Google Classrooms

Assignments on this teacher page only update once per day, so Google Classroom needs to be checked directly and daily (use link on this page) to check for assignments.  My Google classrooms will be a shared site for remote and in-person learners. Eventually, most remote learners will be using online curriculum to complete their coursework (once it is available to the district), but they will still check Google Classroom daily. For the first days, everyone will be doing the same material, but that will change after the online curriculum is available. Since this will be a shared classroom, you will need to notice the title to each post and assignment on Google classroom to see if it pertains to you, and read new posts each day. At the top of each Google classroom assignment or announcement, there will be one of the following titles:
REMOTE (for remote learners only)
IN-PERSON (for in-person only)
ALL (for both in-person and remote learners)
All students need to read announcements/posts that pertain to them every day. If you are remote, read any 'Remote' or 'All' posts and assignments. If you are in-person read any 'In-Person' or 'All' posts and assignments. Daily questions need to be completed by everyone every day- both remote and in-person. The announcements/posts on Google classroom are listed with the most recent at the top, so you will need to read the ones below to see all the posts that have been created. Classroom codes are located in a separate post on this page. Thank you!

School Supplies

1 Single subject spiral notebook
1 Plain pocket folder 
Pens and pencils
Thank you!